Sighting Of Ultra-Rare Wolverine Confirmed In Grand Tetons: from the Cowboy State Daily

As Friday approached, I thought I would post something interesting and exciting. From Cowboy State Daily, my favorite Wyoming news channel, with this amazing image. I’m glad there are people who distinguish wolves from this photo in the game and fish. Here are our wildlife biologists!

By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

It may seem like nothing more than a grain blip, but that glitter is rarely seen in Wyoming.

He is a wolf, and it is very rare to see wolves in Wyoming. In fact, this is the second time this year that I’ve seen one – that’s a lot.

In hindsight, Wolverine is only seen in Wyoming on average every two years. That is why it is so important.

Get out on the run

Mike Davin, who filmed the wolf during a race in the Darby Canyon over the weekend, told Cowboy State Daily that he was not sure what he was carrying on his phone. He then went home and passed through the video and compared the recording to other wolves he had seen online.

“I started thinking I saw one and after watching some videos on YouTube I was convinced and then I sent it to my friends who work on eco tourism and they made it,” he said.

Thomson Tenley, director of Jackson Hall Eco Tour, said the video was transferred to a Wyoming game and fish, which later confirmed the animal was a wolf.

They immediately posted it on their Instagram page.

“Rare wolf sight on the western slope of Teton!” The company wrote. “Thanks to our friend Mike Davin for sending us this amazing recording.”

Isn’t that unusual?

Victor Idaho, a carpenter in Idaho, was more than happy to see the animal, but he was not surprised to see it.

It is amazing how many people have seen me every time I talk to them.

This view comes just months after a video of Volverine being shot at Lowston National Park.

Zach Walker, non-gaming superintendent for the Wyoming Game and Fish Division, told the Cowboy State Daily on Tuesday that it was rare to see two video recorders of Volverine that year.

“We get a few views every year, but most of them are on track cameras or people see them, but they can’t hold their phones or cameras fast enough,” Walker said. “It’s great to have the opportunity to watch those videos.”

Growing population

According to Walker, information from the Wolverine administration, collected by the Department of Game and Fishing during the winter, wolves appear to be popping up more than five years ago. The department’s current data does not confirm that the population is growing, but this is believed to be the case.

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