193+: Gospels of Efficiency – What Does Efficiency Mean, Anyway? by Lloyd Irland

This is the second in a series of articles that summarizes and discusses a 193 million acre book by Steve Willent. I first got a job with Lloyd Ireland during the dinosaur era; Paper or presentation about Maine Woods in market uncertainties. I tried to find this essay, but instead, I ran a book chapter in 1984 to improve the EIS process. It is enough to say that Dr. Ireland has been studying and studying many interesting things for a while.


When I was a undergraduate student, forestry economists confidently announced a new approach to prioritizing. Officials believed that this would allow economists to refine projects that they thought were ineffective and increase the effectiveness of federal forest management. Now is the time to make decisions based on economic realities. Extensive indications have been made for such analyzes, often comparing dozens and dozens of treatment options. Economists soon added manpower to individual national forests. By the end of graduate school, I had read Sam Hayes’ book “The Gospel of Fluency” (Note: This book can be read for free) About the leaders of the first protection movement.

For the next few decades, fast-moving, Steve Wilnton invited contributions to the book “American Forest Service Efficiency and Effectiveness.” I meditate on this for a moment. But what does it mean for forestry? With this in mind, I remembered Hayes’ book and decided to review a series of improving “fluency gospels”, a short way to talk about the different meanings of effectiveness. I came up with details:

As efficiency Garbage disposalDeforestation and grazing damage. The main themes of early forests during the growing population of wood. In this way the Hais protection movement.

As efficiency Cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis, Being numerical. Science had to be the judge of what was “effective”. This led to the institutional planning and budgeting, led by the Department of Defense in Macamara. Those effective clergymen sent me to Vietnam to shoot at the targets in the forest.

The Gospel of Growth Effectiveness in meeting the ever-increasing demand for wood, meat, water, and camp sites and hiking. There are so many examples of closed roads and pre-business
To solve the problem of poor redevelopment, the slim in the lodge stands at 8,000 feet, even the “terrace”. Huge dams are being built on the Alfalfa plain or by turbine, and unfiltered water is flowing into the sea in vain.

A.D. In the 1970s and ’80s, many groups became involved in debates about the potential for success – countless values, outdoor entertainment, biodiversity.
Hosted, if not superior. How can this be done? Of The Gospel of Planning rise up. We will build national RPA plan reviews and help develop those priorities for the new administration
Plans to serve all the necessary values ​​at once. The staff, their offices, their meetings, and their documents grew. The following analysis paralyzed everyone. A.D. After visiting the Army’s war plan in the 1940’s, I mentioned General Vingar Joe Stilwell, who had to go there and shout, “Stop!” Then take out all the plans and burn them.

The solution is found right: We put the books in a better place. We were told that accounting would give us the answers we needed. So a trip to TSPIRS. Money makers were efficient, they were not losers. That will happen. Hercules efforts were made, conferences were held, computers were roaming, mathematicians argued. Then the idea seems to have disappeared.

A new gospel has come today. Gospel of Ecological Services. If forest management cannot be made from wood, the answer is to make people pay for ecological services. That was the concept
Delaying for a while as carbon arrives – the ultimate ecological service. Over the past decade, we have not been able to build on the supply chain, product forecasts, and GIS findings to design a management program that raises the new single variable choice.

A draft reader warned me that the word “gospel” should not be mentioned in the courtyard at this time. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. None of these advocates were fools; They hoped they would find solutions – they could make “efficient” effective orders and guidance for forest management.

But the history of these Gospels shows that their effectiveness is limited to goals. If no goals are agreed upon, efficiency will be compromised. But over time, in polarized and ethnic communities, groups are increasingly divided on purpose. For the time being, satisfying rival “stakeholders” seemed to be the only way forward. At a time when every stakeholder is back with “campaigns”, advocates and a lot of financial support, it seems that peace between the stakeholders is in many places desperate.

Solutions There are no new gospels to solve these problems. The forest cannot escape. Some observers believe that effective governance is by no means impossible, which is of some importance to me. But a few more improvements can be made. I hope you list the two and read the entire article to see more.

Revitalization and prioritization of national forestry system implementation and effectiveness. This was an active field for a while. You want it soon and in vain
Reports. How can we begin to discuss efficiency, effectiveness, or goal success without good information about what is actually happening? Probably a few “forest supplements” to the region.
Forest based on differences in this function. I know this process requires data breeders and policy makers like myself, but only good governance and communication. It must be done.

Second, after two critical criticisms of management on undeveloped and undeveloped lands, I had two decades of copies of two reviews of national forests in Wyoming. Unfortunately, this pre-computer was pre-pdf time. Both reports are informative and, in fact, studied, listened to, and visited by outsiders. The reports were very good in my opinion and should have been widely distributed. I want this to happen again and again in the representative places of the country.


From Sharon .. If anyone has copies of these reviews, please send them and I will post.

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