Washburn Fire Update – Mariposa Grove

The fire increased to 2,340 acres this morning, July 11, according to NPS. “Fuel includes: wood and brush – usually high-load conifer litter (TL5) with heavy dead and low body and high standing dead.”

“The fire is burning in hard ground. There are constant fires in the fire and in the area. Significant tree deaths in 2013 – 2015 resulted in dead and fallen fuel. This poses a serious security risk for firefighters. Three-mile-long scars help firefighters to reduce the intensity of the fire.

“One night the fire was awake. It is expected to be warmer and drier today than it was yesterday, with the same fire characteristics. Park service and firefighters are keeping a close eye on Mariposa Grove giant Sequoia. Although structural insulation is not used in Sekoya itself, additional methods, including ground-based spraying systems, are used to remove heavy and small fuels around the trees and increase moisture near the trees. Fortunately, Mariposa Grove has a long history of burning, and studies show that these efforts reduce the impact of unintended fires.

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