There is No “West”: And What’s Up with Bund-Obsession?

Now traveling from Colorado to Los Angeles, California and Sacramento, California via New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Utah, shout US 50 in Nevada, one of my favorite highways in Nevada, the “Only Way America” for BLM and Humboldt-Toiyabe NF! It was the only station I could (in a rental car, because my 252 km car was having a good rest). Malibu, Eugene, Baker, Fallon, Red Feather Lakes, Chugwater, Silver City, Raton, Helena, Winachi, Republic or not? ” You don’t have to think very far to think.

2022 U.S. District Poverty Rates

The provinces in the “West” reach some of the richest people in the country (say SF Bay area) to some of the poorest. It is an amazing diversity of cultures and cultures.

A year or two ago, I was at a meeting with members of the Environmental Protection Journalists’ Association to highlight “Western” federal land issues. Most of the people were not from the West Coast of what I call the Cascades, to the Great Plains. They (for me) were surprisingly attentive: “We must cover the people in the West who are plotting to overthrow the government” (this is after January 6). I’m not kidding in all our cases, really? Of all the issues we face (I mean Westerners), these people seem to believe that we were invaded by the Bundes at the beginning of the IW. And what really surprised me was that these people thought they really believed and that it was important to pass on this (wrong, IMHO) fear to the rest of the world. Of all the local papers I have read over the years, I have not seen many other Bundes. But why Bundobsession?

Thank you so much Matthew for posting my country’s news section. From Mr. Segerstrom (certainly in the western part of Spokane)-

We Westerners Not only is there an anti-government sentiment, but here the wounds are open, repetitive, and recent in history. Violence and the threat of violence in the area are the result of ethnic genocide. Leaders of anti-federal movements are turning to this history of violence, and in particular to anti-ethnic groups. To protect cattle rights on Nevada federal land – Successfully defended in Bunkerville in 2014, when federal officials left after being killed by gunmen – Bundi argued that his land claim was more legitimate than South Putees. “They were defeated in battle.”

This white-plus-can-right feeling is an integral part of Western mythology and cowboy culture. Over the past half-century, anti-government leaders have moved into the picture as the West’s population worsens and control over its natural resources becomes more controversial. The first Sagebrush uprising from the mid-1970s to the present – which sparked the modern-day Buddhist conflict but not as a military force – came in response to federal land policy and administrative law, desert law, and federal public-land laws. Endangered Species Act, which severely limits the use of natural resources.

Those restrictions were seen as unthinkable for rural westerners to use public resources as they wished. “The most difficult thing in American politics is the elimination of rights,” says Daniel McCulle, professor of political science at the University of Utah. Although those rights are legally unique rights, the notion that they are rights and that they are being taken away sparked the first Sagebrush Rebels, McCool said. “The Sagebrush riots started when they lost what they wanted,” he said. “Then there is an active direct line to the Bundy groups today.”

Um. Thus, the East, the South, and the Midwest are not based on “indigenous genocide.” And, of course, as a native of Southern California, there are all sorts of racial complexities, because that colonization took place in Spain. But today’s races are not really considered “white” (although some seem to be called “white-collar”) and the cowboy culture is diverse. This Smithsonian story was one in four black.

And originally the Cowboys (Vakeros) were both Spanish and indigenous. Think of it as words Bronco And Retata.

When the classic Westerners reinforced the image of the Cowboys as white Americans, the first Vakeros were Mexicans. “The missionaries came from this European horse culture. They can drive well and breed cattle, ”says Rangel. “So they started training the natives in this area.” Mexicans have gained experience in horse riding and buffalo hunting to further explore Vaccaro techniques, says Rangel.

As New Spain expanded westward, in addition to protecting cattle for Spanish herders, Vacchaeus was enlisted as an auxiliary force in conflicts between Indigenous peoples and others.

This “Western” mentality is always rural and sometimes safe, and sometimes (interesting to see) people (I don’t think Cher or Steve Jobs) are thought to be ignorant and violent.

In 1891, I wrote this statement in a book written by Mr. W. Hollow, so that you would not think that the beach newspaper was anything new.

There are two types of people who are always looking forward to the war in India – the military and our borders. I quote an editorial on the Indian question, which soon appeared in the columns of New York major newspapers. I do not doubt that this statement is true, but I will try to prove it instead of being true. I assure you, and I assure you that all sincere people who know the issue, from all sections of our people, the army and the people living along the border, pose a serious threat to the Indian war and are willing to make the greatest sacrifices. Get rid of the scary “…

“As for the border guard, he has everything to lose for his life, and he has nothing to gain from the Indian war. Did the journal quoted in the opening line of this chapter say, “Its purpose is to buy a fat contract or a market”? Produce to avoid, but consider themselves lucky if they are self-sufficient. …

So it is not uncommon for (some rural) Westerners to be viewed as “bad people.” And by writing op-eds what people in “rural west” should do from New York.

I find that all of this, and its longevity over time, is somewhat confusing. Especially in the West, it is being filled with people from other places … these ideas may seem ridiculous. Oh, and there are LDS people in Utah who should feel great compassion for those who have been displaced by the US federal government. Or not?

It sounds a little like “another”

Individually, it plays a role in creating prejudice against people and groups. At the grassroots level, it can play a role in violating all human resources that can be used to bring about change in institutions, governments, and communities. Persecution of marginalized groups, denial of rights based on group identity, and even violence may result in violence against others.

So … which part of the story is you talking about in the “Western world”? And what does Bundobsessing have to say, and why is it such a popular activity in some journalistic communities?

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