Bipartisan “Save Our Sequoias Act” Introduced: HR 8168.

1) Can the NFF not accept personal donations in advance? He did not know that he was being restricted.

2) I remember a collection of squash farms in different parts of California (known as Professor Liby Sekoya Plantation) in remote California (1970s). Did anyone gather information about forest reforestation? Are the trees still alive and well?

WASHINGTON – House House Natural Resources Rating Committee member Bruce Westerman (R-Arc) has joined Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif), U.S. Representative Scott Peters (R-Calif), and Jim Costa (D-Calif). .), David Valladao (R. Calif), Jimmy Paneta (D. Calif), Tom McLeantock (R. Calif) and 23 other members introducing HR 8168, Save Our Sequoias (SOS) Act. That link didn’t work, so the article is here until it gets live. Keep the law of Sechos


In the last two years alone, wildfires have consumed nearly one-fifth of the world’s population. Covering an area of ​​37,000 acres[37,000 ha]in California, Giants Sekoias is one of the most fire-resistant trees on the planet and was once considered indestructible. However, more than a hundred fires and poor governance led to the accumulation of dangerous fuels in and around Giant Sekoya Grove, resulting in unnatural fires and severe wildfires. The tragedy that befell Giants Sekoyas was unprecedented – the last of a huge Sekoya death caused by wildfires was recorded in 1297, seven hundred years ago.

Despite concerns for the rest of Giant Sekoyas, federal land authorities have not been able to increase the speed and scale of treatment to restore Giant Sekoia’s resilience to wildfires, insects, and drought. At present, it takes about 52 years for the United States Forest Service to treat the high-risk Giants Sekoya shrubs, which are at risk of extinction. Unless urgent action is taken, we are in danger of losing the giant Sequoia in the coming years. Accelerating scientific forest management will not only improve the health and resilience of these millennial trees, but also improve air and water quality and provide vital habitat for vital species such as the Pacific Fisher.

The SOS Law provides land administrators with the tools and resources needed to save these remaining wonders from an unprecedented threat to their longevity. The bill will be as follows:

* Develop co-ordination agreements and the Giant Sequoia Lands Coalition to enhance coordination between federal, state, tribal and local land administrators, and current partnerships in Giant Sequoia Lands.
* Create a Giant Sequoia Health and Resiliency Assessment to prioritize wildfire mitigation treatments and scientific forest management activities in high-risk shrubs.
* Declare an emergency to facilitate and expedite environmental assessments and consultations while maintaining strong scientific analysis.
* Give new powers to the National Park Foundation and the National Forest Foundation to receive personal donations to facilitate Giant Sequoia’s rehabilitation and resilience.
* Develop a comprehensive forest redevelopment strategy to rehabilitate Giants Sekoias in a recent wildfire.

SOS Law Original Coordinators, U.S. Representative Scott Peters (D. Calif), Bruce Westerman (R-Arc), Jim Costa (D-Calif), David Valladao (R-Calif), Jimmy Panetta (R-Calif), Tom Tomlintock. (R. Khalifa), John Garamendi (D. Calif), GT Thompson (R. Penn), Mike Thompson (D. Calif), Ken Calbert (R. Calif), Anna Isho (D. Calif), Mike Garcia (R.) -Calif), Lu Correa (D.-Khalif), Dog Lamalfa (R.-Caliph), Amy Bera (D.-Caliph), Jay Obernolte (R.-Caliph), Bishop of Sanford (D.-Khal.), Young Kim (D. R. Calif), Ed Perlmutter (D-Colo), Dan Newhouse (R-Wash), Kurt Schrader (D-Ore), John Curtis (R-Utah), Tom Malinowski (DNJ), Rus Fulcher (R). -Idaho), Kylie Cahelle (D-Hawaii), Michelle Iron (R-Khalif), Juan Vargas (D-Khalif), Pete Stuuber (R-Min.) And Josh Goetheimer (DNJ).

More than 90 organizations support SOS law, the ACRI Investment Administration, the US Conservation Alliance, the American Forest and Paper Association, the American Forest Foundation, the U.S. Forest Resources Council, the American Lawyers Council, the American Sports Fishing Association, the U.S. Wood Council, and the Aram Parks and Destinations. , Archery Trade Association, Associated California Loggers, American Railways Association, California Water Agencies Association, Bilateral Policy Center Action, Bonnie and Crocodile Club, Calaverra Large Trees Association, Calaverras County Water District, Calaverras County, California Member of Parliament Vons Fong, California Association, California Bureau of Agriculture, California Forest Development Association, California Senate President Pro Temmore Tony Atkins, California Senator Shannon Grove, Carbon 180, Climate and Energy Solutions Center, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Cham Industrial, CHM Government Services, Citizen Climate Lobby, Citizens are responsible for the energy of this lutions, Congress Athletes Foundation, Consortium America, Dallas Safari Club, Delec US Holdings, Drakes, Dox Unlimited, Edison International, Inviva, Evangelical Environmental Network, Federal Forest Resources Coalition, Forest Owners Association, Forest Resources Association , Fresno County, Giant Sequoia National Monument Association, Grassland Wildland Fire Defenders, Great Basin Institute, Hardwood Federation, Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities, Houston Safari Club, A For International Travel Association, International Paper, Inter-Tribal Timber Council, Kern County, Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, Mariposa County, National Association of Forest Owners, National Provinces Association, Forest Service Retirement National, National Cattle Association , National Forest Recreation Association, National Wildlife Federation, Niskanen Center, Outdoor Industry Association, Outdoor Recreation Circle Table, PG&E, Plaster Quantum Water Agency, Plaster County, Public Lands Council, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Rural County California Representatives, Sales Power, Salt River Project, San Diego Gas & Electric, Redwood League Save, Sekoya Parks Conservation, Conservation Forest Products, Conservation Pacific Industries, American Forests Association, Springville Chamber of Commerce, Nature Conservation, Public Land Trust, Tulare County Bureau of Agriculture, Tulare County Fire Department, Tulare County, Tule River Tribe, Tuolumne County, Vista Out, Weyerhaeuser Company, Wildlife Management Institute, Yosemite Pure Energy and Yosemite Conservation.

Here is a link to why the Coalition opposes it (thanks to Nick Smith).

It looks like you want the committee to be a FACA committee, I am not sure if they will provide a reasonable public participation (park service and forest service project without public participation.

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