Defenders of Wildlife Workplace Culture Seen by Some Employees to Need Improvement

“I have never quit my job so quickly,” says a former wildlife conservationist. Claudin Helmut / E and E News (example); NordWood themes / uninstall (laptop); dit-kieferpix / iStock (female)

Greenway had an interesting story about wildlife activists in the following article:

Some workers and others in the environmental movement also see the internal conflict in defense as a major war in other environmental organizations and workplaces across the country, like microcosm.

He called for drastic changes in the way the Covenant-19 epidemic and racial justice movement operates in the workplace. Defenders were part of a coalition of environmental groups last year (Greenwire(December 22, 2021)

“The next generation is waiting for future generations to reflect on what they see as progressive organizations, and I think this will lead to generational conflicts,” said the former defense minister. “I think good organizations are effective, they can adapt and change and they can listen and share power,” he said.

Clark and the other leaders in the Defenders feel like they are back in the corner, that person, they feel like they will lose if they give something to the association.

“I think this feeling is [Clark] It had to be a strong and strong nose to get there to break the glass roof, ”said a former former defense teammate. She says: “She’s a former schoolgirl and now she’s playing a conservative role, and it probably doesn’t reflect all the values ​​we associate with her.

That former employee Clark and other team leaders are being tested to see if they can adapt to the present.

“Something has to change there,” said the third former defender. “The real problem is that there is a lot of drama out there, so it’s challenging to get your work done.”

I’m always curious about the “old school” female leaders and “what values ​​we have in common.” If you knew the “former school” female leaders in the forest service, there were many. Is it a problem to blame human femininity and age for governance problems today? Because I don’t think it is a “progressive value” to think of other people, there is no problem in seeking special leadership. And I wonder what is the role of the board in all this?

In an attempt to improve workplace culture, E&E reported earlier, in recent years, defenders have hired three external advisory teams to interview staff and analyze the organization.

The most recently hired organization – intended to address issues such as diversity, equity and inclusion – has cut ties with defenders earlier than expected (E and E NewsMay 24, 2021)

The consulting firm Avarna Group conducted a study of 144 defenders last year, citing “fear”, “culture of fear” and “fear” more than 50 times, mainly by employees who were not in leadership positions. Those workers said they were afraid of being fired or reprimanded for raising issues such as “lack of inclusion culture.”

“When asked who the employees were afraid of, the main source of fear was not immediately the supervisors but a few individuals in the executive team, including the chief executive,” the Avarna report said.

Following last year’s split between the defenders and the Avarna team, supervisors in the organization sent an anonymous letter to Clark accusing her and other leaders of failing to take responsibility for the organization’s “culture of fear.”

Supervisors told Clark, “Neither the dedicated staff of the defense nor our mission to save lives on earth will be served by a leadership that does not respect their staff and that undermines the cultural change necessary for our success.”

The group’s annual income continued to grow throughout the epidemic. According to financial statements posted on the group’s website, defenders raised about $ 33 million in 2019, $ 34 million in 2020 and $ 43 million in 2021.

It would be nice to hear another part of the story, but they weren’t coming – for labor reasons.

Clark rejected E&E news interview. Defendants did not respond to inquiries about the details of the transfer, morale, and details of current and former employees.

The team’s vice president of communications, Rachel Brittine, wrote in an email: Many of your questions cannot be answered without disclosing personal information about existing and former employees.

According to a British email statement, the defense said:

“As many organizations in the country, we recognize that there is more work to be done to improve and improve our workplace,” the statement said. “We will continue to listen to the concerns of our employees, improve our workplace and increase the necessary protection missions.”

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