Relief in Western Western Australia, not so fast for Eastern Western Australia


Overhead smoke removed the edge of the heat yesterday and will bring it back up again this weekend.

“Come on, Ranil, that’s a little consolation! When does the smoke go away? “

today and tomorrow. But…

East WA

Strong westerly winds will help reduce smoke this evening through Sunday, but will also increase the risk of new fires. So while most areas will see some improvement, not many communities will see good air for long. Existing fires are expected to continue to blow smoke. Conditions are expected to worsen in the middle of the week as other ridges build. Please see the 5-day forecast map above.

West WA

Ground level smoke will continue to disappear today, although the rising smoke from the CA fires will flex its muscles as it sails (mostly) into the sky, giving us a beautiful sunset. Expect a smoke-free western area for at least a few days. You should watch for potential midweek east winds, which can move smoke from across the Cascades.

Below is a comparison of fine particle pollution (also known as PM2.5) levels across the state so far this season. Who has better/worst? It’s your decision.

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