Wildfires rage in Portugal and Spain as temperatures near record highs

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Many wildfires are raging in central Portugal and Spain, causing further fires, which meteorologists in the heat wave expect to cause temperatures to rise.

All Maineland Portugal was on red alert for extreme temperatures, with temperatures expected to reach 46 degrees Fahrenheit in the northeastern Santrem district of Lisbon, the IPMA Meteorological Institute reported Wednesday.

The country’s record temperature was 47.3 degrees Celsius in 2003.

The World Meteorological Organization warned on Tuesday that heat waves are spreading and intensifying in large parts of Europe.

Due to human-caused climate change, the number of wildfires is expected to increase by 30 percent in the next 28 years, according to a February 2022 United Nations report.

Lisbon thermometers are expected to record 43 degrees, close to the city’s 2018 44-degree record.

More than 1,400 firefighters, backed by 23 aircraft, have been battling dozens of forest fires in the drought-stricken country.

In the western part of Spain, firefighters dispersed hundreds of villagers overnight to fight a wildfire that swept through Castil and Lyon in Salamanca on Tuesday.

Equatorial Guinea, Andalusia and Galicia are on high alert for extreme temperatures, according to the Spanish AMIT Meteorological Service. .

Madrid residents and tourists fetched water and ice cream and hid in the shade as much as possible.

– Reuters

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