SFI Named 2022 Wood Creatures Gift Receiver

Washington DC and Ottawa, on – The Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) was recently awarded $ 249,108 by the USDA Forest Service. The purpose of the support program is to expand the use of climate-modern wood products, strengthen emerging wood markets, and support active management to improve forest health and resilience.

A1X Automation Building Plan for the redevelopment of the Heights neighborhood for the St. Paul Port Authority of Minnesota.

The support will help SFI and its partners tell the story of how building wood from responsible forests can bring many benefits in and around the forest. A1X Automation, a partner of the project, proposed the construction of an industrial building using bulk timber products from Automotive Engineering and Machine Development. The building will serve as an anchor project for the redevelopment of the Heights neighborhood of St. Paul, Minnesota, with the aim of becoming a certified Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) leader in the Community Platinum Project. Nation.

SFI and project partner Ecoton Analytics measure the social and environmental benefits associated with A1X forest production and promote project results through a variety of media.

“This project will show SFI and its partners the importance of recycling wood products not only in climate-modern green buildings, but also in improving the health and life of urban communities,” said Annie Perkins, SFI senior. Director, Green Building and Supply Chain. “The use of SFI-certified bulk wood supports forest health, wildlife resilience, clean water, wildlife habitat, human resource development and more.”

SFI and Ecotone model the social benefits associated with the construction of bulk timber products from the US forests responsible for the A1X industrial building. Since there is no traditional way to measure their impact on financial forecasts, the intangible social benefits of purchasing wood from responsible forests are unknown in history. This project provides a solution by providing a social impact assessment tool that provides real-time ROI information to investors.

“The results of our participation in the project include the extent to which the results have not been analyzed and the value of the stakeholders,” said Jeff Stanish, director of Ecoto’s Environmental Protection Agency. “The choice of inputs – people and materials, costs, balance – combined with margins – social and environmental benefits – in a way that estimates the social and environmental values ​​that other project developers can use. Created using the same techniques and materials.

“We can create new markets, support projects, build affordable housing and improve conditions in our forests at the same time,” he said. Announcing the recipients of the gift. “Eliminating hazardous trees that endanger communities exposed to wildfires and turning rural and forest-based economies into renewable construction and energy products is an example of how a clean energy economy can be achieved.”

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