‘It could be any of us’: SVFD analyzing wildfire risk of homes in the community

SVFD by analyzing wildfire hazards
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Spokane Valley, WASH – Nearly 14 years ago this week, wildfires in the Spokane Valley burned 11 homes.

For the first time in 15 years, SVFD is looking at the risk of wildfires in the community. With grants from FEMA and others, SVFD can scan 750 homes in the area and take the next step to protect their property before it is too late to analyze the risk of wildfires.

Kali Dayton said: “You light up the news, and you encourage yourself for serious destruction.

Dieton has lived in the area for two years, and she knows it’s impossible to escape a wildfire. Knowing the beauty of its surroundings can also lead to natural disasters.

“I did not know exactly what to do to protect our home,” says Dayton.

She is happy to see firefighters working around the area and searching the area for wildfires.

“We must go ahead and do what we are doing now,” said SFFD Fire Chief Marshal Brett Anderson.

Among other things, the roof is covered with rubbish, clean pits, and home decor.

Another thing they want is if the plants are green or brown.

“There are opportunities to clean up your home environment,” Anderson said. “Take small steps to clean your home every weekend [like] Cleaning wells [or] Maintenance of Roofing Materials ”

SVFD says such research needs to be done as the community changes so that homeowners like Dayton can enjoy everything at home without having to worry about losing everything.

“As the valley grows, it will grow into a Durland-city interface, and we need to re-evaluate where things are, where the fuels are, how close the homes are,” Anderson said.

As soon as SVFD completes the surveys, they will send homeowners a letter informing them of their fire damage.

“We still live in a very forested area, and you can see other communities being destroyed,” says Daiton. We know it could be any of us.

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