Europe’s wildfires aggravated by climate change, EU report warns

Extreme heat waves are igniting fires across Europe, and climate change is “exacerbating the situation, making countries more vulnerable to wildfires and increasing the incidence of such events,” a new EU report warns.

what’s happening: Thousands of firefighters are battling wildfires across the continent. The fire has forced thousands of people to flee France, Spain, Portugal and Croatia, and Europe is facing another record-breaking heat wave for the second month in a row.

News rotation; Studies show that as the temperature rises, the frequency of heat waves increases exponentially, increasing the risk of wildfires.

Large image: The report, published on Thursday by the European Commission and the EU’s executive body, examines how member countries use integrated fire management practices.

  • Evidence suggests that climate change is on the rise, and attention should be given to land-based fire prevention, the report said.

Risk level: “Currently, 85% of the burned area in Europe is in southern Europe … due to extreme weather conditions in the Mediterranean,” he said. Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Greece each year over the last 20 years.

  • “Fire is on the rise in non-traditional areas such as Northwest and Central Europe,” he said, adding that wildfires are on the rise in northern European countries.
  • “If there is a high-intensity fire, the number of days of the year may increase and the long-term impact of large-scale fires on large areas may increase,” the report said.

“Countries have already reported that the wildfire season will start early and end at the end of the year, adding to pressure on preparedness and response sources.”

– Adapted from EU report “Land-based wildfire prevention

In the meantime, Friedrich Otto, co-leader of the World Climate Change, said in a statement that global efforts due to the catastrophic event were driving global warming – with heat waves.

  • Otto, a professor of climate science at Imperial College London, says: Impossible heat waves are now killing people. ”
  • “We saw this last year in the Pacific Northwest, and it was impossible to warm up without someone.”

“Heat waves get worse until the greenhouse gas emissions stop. Speed ​​is the cessation of fossil fuels.

– Statement from Frederick Oto, co-leader of the World Climate Change.

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