Student trainees will learn conservation and environmental skills – Forest Park Forever

“I like this program as a way for young people to connect with the Forest Park,” said Eli Stevens, Forever Park’s Education Coordinator. More than half of our interns come from St. Louis Public Schools, and so it is. It is wonderful to see them develop a sense of pride and a sense of belonging in a place that is important to the city.

This spring’s interns come from a variety of backgrounds and interests, but all five high school seniors are interested in nature and exploration. These include a soccer player, an artist and gardener, a young ecologist, an artist and a sculptor, and a good traveling soldier who loves art.

Their activities cover a variety of winter maintenance and planting needs to protect the park’s green space, including

  • Manage unwanted plant material to improve landscapes

  • Cut down shrubs and trees along the waterway to get better frame views and visitors’ views

  • Sowing reclaimed landscapes will be planted in areas along the waterway where the landscape is improving

“They are planting new trees and shrubs in the area and pruning the landscape before spring growth,” said Shawel Faber, permanent land management director at Forest Park. “Their work will make new spring growth more visible and entertain visitors.”

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