Lightning triggers wildfire in La Plata Mountains – The Durango Herald

Mesa Verde Helitak used short-drag techniques to unload and pick up firefighters on the La Plata Mountains on Saturday. (San Juan National Forest)

Fire caught using a technique recently approved by the National Forest Service

The San Juan National Forest, in collaboration with Mesa Verde National Park Helitak, caught fire on Saturday morning in the La Plata Mountains.

Max Fire’s Facebook post burned a 10-hectare hectare in a remote area. It started with lightning.

The agency said the first-approved helicopter was approved for the first time in the United States Forest Service.

At short distances, helicopters hold personnel and equipment at the end of a vertical line under the helicopter.

The technique is best used in remote and dense vegetation areas where helicopters cannot land, for example in rocky or wooded areas.

The Mesa Verde helicopter team is preparing for a short-term operation to deliver firefighters in a wildfire in the La Plata Mountains. (San Juan National Forest)

Mesa Verde Helitak used a short-distance technique to transport firefighters to the La Plata Mountains on Saturday. A.D. After its approval in 2021, the forest service was the first short-term service. (San Juan National Forest)

Firefighters responded to the blaze in the La Plata Mountains by helicopter. The lightning strike has been contained. (San Juan National Forest)

In the year 2021, wildfires are allowed on forest service grounds, which have been used for years by medical evacuation.

“The forest administration considers the remote fire in the La Plata Mountains as a good tool for its work,” the Facebook post said.

Max Fire did not have a landing zone close to roads or helicopters, making him a short-term best candidate.

Firefighters rushed in and caught Max Fire, followed by thunderstorms on Saturday.

Firefighters were taken in the same manner.

Short-term work is the Mesa Verde Helitak Specialist, an eight-person firefighting and rescue team based at Mesa Verde National Park.

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