BC Wildfire service on alert as warm weather causing dry conditions

With the onset of hot weather, the BC Wildfire Service is concerned about what the rest of summer will look like.

Around Canada, temperatures are expected to reach 30 degrees Fahrenheit[30 ° C]per day until Monday. On Sunday, temperature warnings were issued for parts of Lower Mainland.

The heat from Mainland is moving to Vancouver Island.

“We are experiencing a so-called exit system. So the dry air inside is pushing against the beach. That is causing significant rapid degradation on the coast, ”said Julia Karanci, Coast Fire Information Officer.

About a year ago, the village of Liton broke the temperature in Canada to 49.6 degrees Fahrenheit[49.6 ° C]. It was at this time that Liton was destroyed by a massive fire at the Dome.

So far, BC Weiver has reported 171 fires this season, six of which were near the coast. This number is lower than usual during the year.

“Although the onset of fires has been delayed this spring, we want people to know that our staff is ready and alert.

Recent warming has continued to serve as a threat to parts of the pre-Christian era.

In a June 24 press release, Dave Campbell, head of the River Forecast Center, said:

Drought is also expected in the region.

Last year, the island experienced four and five months of drought. No recommendations or conditions are stated on the island.

Emergency Management BC also organized flood protection teams from BC Wildlife Service personnel.

“We are on the lookout for some 130 BC wildfires this weekend at the BC Wildfire courtesy of our friends and colleagues,” Pedar Brach, Director of Emergency Management BC Regional Operations, said in a June 24 press release.

Compared to last year, the Coast Fire Center has hired 18 more staff to prepare for this season.

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