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California firefighters found land on Monday in a fierce battle with giant Sequoia Grove and a small community in Yosemite National Park.

According to the Associated Press, the fire in Washington West, 4.2 square miles[4.2 sq km]in the western suburbs of Sierra Nevada, remained at 22 percent until Monday night.

The fire was a threat to more than 500 mature squirrels in the park’s Mariposa Grove and the nearby Wauna community, which displaced.

The area south of Yosemite is closed to visitors, but the rest of the national park remains open.

President Abraham Lincoln After signing the law in 1864, Mariposa Grove and Yosemit Valley were protected.

Moisture control systems have been set up in the damp shrubs, and no serious damage has been reported to any of the designated trees, including 3,000-year-old Griezli Giant.

Located in about 70 bushes spread over the western slope of Sierra Nevada, Sequoia was once considered to be fire-resistant but is becoming more and more vulnerable to wildfires, a century of firefighting and climate change exacerbated by drought, more severe and devastating It happened.

Lightning strikes over the past two years have killed up to a fifth of the estimated 75,000 people.

There was no clear flash of lightning for Thursday’s fire near the park’s Washington Road. He reported that there was smoke in the woods from visitors.

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