Tagging for the chicks – Tweed Valley Osprey Project

A.D. July 12 Osprey teens in the main hut are 44 days old and have their ID rings and satellite tags installed. Tony Little, Environmental and Heritage Forest for Land and Land Scotland and David Anderson, environmental consultant, visited the site. Tony is allowed to call the birds and David has to set up satellite tracking tags.

A man with a nest bird

Tony Lightly Osprey gathers to call and name toddlers

The entire Aspray family arrived at the nest, but as the parents approached, they hurried away. In response to the threat, the young men slept in the hut. Tony climbed into the nest tree, carefully pulled out the young birds, and lowered them to the ground for bells and whistles.

Suitable for a large bird

Suitable for Dave Anderson satellite tracking

The group was joined by members of the notorious Border Patrol Film Team. He is taking part in an OSPR flight this autumn and will use the tracking data of these OSPs to inform their research. This is what they said about the project.

“Osprey Flight is a conservation approach that highlights the basic projects along the way in collaboration with UN agencies, scientists, the media and governments.

“During the 2022 harvest migration to Europe and Africa, this 10,000 km journey will provide valuable information on the dangers posed by this amazing bird and other migratory species. At the same time, we will create a unique platform. Introduce an in-depth understanding of the challenges of the ecological community as well as the migratory birds, in order to engage, educate and encourage communities on the runway and in the surrounding area.

Border Protection

Basic biometrics for adolescents, including measuring the length and weight of their wings, were recorded. Their general health and condition were assessed before they were fitted with a special identification ring and a visible ID ring. The three birds were all males, and although we saw a different chick that was feeding during the summer, there was no weight difference between him and his two brothers. They were all considered strong and healthy birds. Darvik’s ring figures were blue with 706, 707 and 708.

Close the osprey on the grass hut

Three osprey chicks with tags

The chicks 706, 707 and 708 are ready to return to their nests.

Satellite tracking devices for the birds return information from the birds as they flee their nests and we can follow their journey. We have seen tragic results in the past when birds stopped transmitting satellite data in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Immigrant young operatives face a very dangerous time, and the Border Protection Project can see these challenges first by following the OSPR flight routes. This study may help to find the most important solutions to prevent future deaths after future OSPR trips.

Video highlights

Stay tuned for our 2022 highlights from our YouTube playlist. Remember, you can also see our main nest camera live during the day.


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