Tenerife is in a forest fire alert period during San Juan fire festivals –

Tenerife is in a forest fire alert period during San Juan fire festivals

This week sees two celebrations in Spain involving fires, the festival of San Juan on June 23rd (El Noche de Fuego) and the festival of San Pedro on June 28th. The Tenerife Cabildo has reminded that there are certain areas where it is prohibited to make bonfires on these occasions due to the risk of forest fires which includes all areas and the rural parks of Teno and Anaga.

In a statement, the Cabildo emphasizes that they have declared an alert period for forest fires in Tenerife from June 13th to October 16th, which prohibits bonfires in risk areas.

In areas outside the forest fire risk zone, the responsibility lies with the local authorities and town halls to allow or disallow bonfires, as long as they comply with the rest of the applicable regulations.

The fire service, like they are every year, will be on full alert and ready to respond to emergency calls, since this traditional celebration in which fire is the protagonist, can cause unusual situations.

Every year they get called to extinguish fires that have gone out of control or have not been extinguished properly, that lead to property damage, potentially much bigger fires, or human injury.

On a dry desert-like island where fires can spread so easily and cause so much damage, extreme caution is requested with security measures taken into account if you are considering having a bonfire.

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