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June 9, 2022

Washington, DC and Ottawa, on.—The Enduring Forest Initiative (SFI) is pleased to announce its new publication. This short document summarizes the results of SFI’s protection work over the past 10 years and how the science behind well-managed forests and sustainable supply chains supports conservation goals. Readers will learn about SFI’s 17 different conservation research projects with the support and participation of several partners on climate change, biodiversity and water quality and quantity in the three main areas of focus.
“Identifying positive protection outcomes, key lessons, and opportunities for improvement on SFI-certified lands is an important part of SFI standards. The impact of SFI protection on the development of forest science and sustainable solutions is a testament to the ten years of commitment and cooperation in the SFI network, ”said CFI CEO and President Kathy Abuso.
SFI is the only forest level required by certified organizations to support forest and conservation research. Overall, SFI-certified organizations have invested more than $ 60 million annually in forestry and conservation research, and have invested more than $ 1.8 billion annually since 1995.
This study is partially supported by SFI standards, with strong results for the sustainable use of the forest and conservation sector. SFI Conservation Impact supports more research than SFI-certified organizations.
SFI Conservation Effect supports research that evaluates, evaluates, and verifies the value and results of SFI forest management and fiber source certification. The protection impact study does not come from SFI-certified organizations, but SFI protection investments are worth more than $ 60 million in annual investments.
“The impact of protection has created clear lessons, enabling SFI-certified organizations to knowingly transmit and use protection products. It will help conservationists gain an in-depth understanding of the importance of sustainable forest management, and help users make better choices for the planet, ”said SFIA Chief of Defense Officer Paul Trianoski.
New conservation research is critical to ensuring sustainable forest development. With more than 350 million acres (140 million hectares) in North America certified for SFI 2022 forest management and tens of millions having a positive impact on the SFI 2022 Fiber Sourcing Standard, SFI and SFI certified organizations have the potential to produce meaningful and meaningful results in North America. .

Three key research projects from the impact of SFI protection on a decade of success
Climate change
The SFI, in collaboration with the US Forest Service, has developed a method for inclusion of soil in the forest’s carbon footprint because the soil can contain high, sometimes negligible, carbon storage capacity. This allows for a better understanding of the ecological variability of the whole ecosystem. According to a conservation study, SFI-certified forests have been used as carbon washers when the stock is added to the greenhouse gas balance, including long-lasting wood products. know more.

SFI, in partnership with the US Bird Conservation Agency, is helping to create a broader awareness of ecological health and sustainable forest management by examining the growing demand for a variety of birds and their presence in selected SFI-certified experimental sites. Many species of fossils are abundant in SFI-certified forests, including prairie warbler, worm-eating warbler, Kentucky warbler, brown-headed nut and wood trout. know more.

Water quality and quantity
SFI, in partnership with the Canadian Environmental Protection Agency (NCC), has developed two management decision support tools to help maintain water quality and quantity activities around waterways. The Active River Environment Project helps identify basin areas and safe water rehabilitation strategies and measures. know more.

Such management decision tools are necessary because of the size and volume of water resources flowing from forest lands certified by SFI. The SFI and the National Council for the Advancement of Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI) have decided that the SFI-certified waterways in the SFI-certified waterways will be enough to reach a total of 50 times worldwide, highlighting the importance of forests for water supply throughout North America. know more.

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