The Sustainable Forest Development Initiative welcomes the CEO of American Forests to the Board of Directors

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April 26, 2022

“Sustainable Forest Initiative has worked closely with SAF for many years and our relationship will continue to grow,” said SFI President and CEO Kati Abuso. Terry serves on the SFI / MANRRS African American Advisory Committee, which oversees the strategic development of the PLT’s soon-to-be-launched Black Experts’ Green Work Guide. And we are very happy to have a service.

Founded in 1900, SAF represents the voice of more than 9,000 forest and natural resources experts. The sustainable development of forest resources through science, education and technology, the promotion of professionalism to ensure sustainable health, reliability and sustainable use of forests. SAF continues to advocate for scientific sustainable forest management, forest policy and practice statements, and to link policymakers with forest managers.

Prior to his appointment as CEO of SAF in September 2018, Baker served in the USDA Forest Service for over 20 years in a variety of roles throughout the United States, working with a wide range of communities and partners to address the need for sustainable land management. More than one million hectares of Field Land is a firefighter, forest ranger and administrator. Baker He received a master’s degree in forest management and policy from Yale University in 2007, a bachelor’s degree in forest resources and conservation from the University of Florida in 2004, and a degree in 2019 from 40 under-40 students.

“As we face the effects of climate change and the growing awareness of social inequality associated with green spaces, our cooperation and strategies need to improve,” Baker said. “I am impressed by SFI’s commitment to these efforts and I look forward to a great opportunity to provide strategic advice to SFI to participate in these discussions at the board level.”

The Board of Directors of the Sustainable Forest Initiative sets the strategic direction of the organization and is responsible for overseeing and developing SFI programs, standards and strategies. The 18-member board is made up of three councils that represent the environmental, social and economic sectors equally. SFI Board members include law enforcement agencies, academic institutions, Indigenous peoples, black American landowners, public officials, labor force representatives, and forestry executives. This diversity reflects different needs in the forest community.

Baker replaces the outgoing Environmental Protection Agency representative and board chair Carla Gain, former CEO of Daks Unlimited Canada.

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