To jump on the domestic economy, UC ANR is partnering with the California Stewardship Network – Forest Research.

California University of Agriculture and Natural Resources is pleased to announce a new partnership with the California Stewardship Network to accelerate economic recovery in the state by expanding knowledge through broadband development, small business skills, agricultural technology and more.

UC ANR is investing nearly $ 3 million in hiring new UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) consultants and a specialist to help communities recover from poverty and expand regional economic-development efforts. These UCCE experts will work closely with members of the California Stewardship Network – a coalition of regional leaders committed to addressing the state’s most pressing economic, environmental and social security challenges.

“The California Stewardship Network represents the regions in California and each region is unique, has its own challenges and opportunities. Chief Executive Heidi Hill Drama said.

UCCE scientists use existing community and economic development efforts, particularly in rural areas of the state, and include business development, agricultural technology, biomass and wood products, disaster recovery, water justice, controlled food production, food security, urban development, and – most importantly – digital infrastructure. .

Glenda Humiston, vice president of the University of California, Los Angeles, said: Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated in rural areas of the region, with wildfires and fierce competition raging. Desert areas, farms and ranches provide “work landscapes” food as well as wildlife habitat, recreation areas, energy and water. Humiston sees significant opportunities to increase income for rural residents in these areas.

“These jobs must be managed to bring economic opportunities now and in the future for California to thrive,” Humiston said.

“California needs healthy forests for a number of reasons – reducing wildfires, producing more water, better living and recreational opportunities – but we will not get there unless we can make the most of the overgrown biomass that needs to be removed from our forests,” he said.

Recruitment for some new UC cooperative expansion positions is underway. Others will be released for employment in early 2022. 16 new UCCE positions and territories to be served include:

1. Rural Community and Economic Development Consultant (Dell Norte, Humbolt and Trinity)

2. Intermountain Research and Extension Center Siskiyou County

3. Consumer of Biomass and Forest Products (Ciscio, Shasta and Trinity)

4. Broadband Development Area Consultant (Bute, Tehama, Glenn)

5. Home Disaster Recovery (Plumas, Lassen, Sierra)

6. Water Justice Policy and Planning Expert (UC Berkeley)

7. Regional Dietary Consultant (Sacramento, Plaster, Yolo, Solano)

8. Regional Dietary Consultant (Amador, El Dorado, Calaverras, Tulune)

9. Woody Biomas and Forest Products Consultant, (El Dorado, Alpine, Amador, Calaverras, Tulune, and Mariposa)

10. Agricultural Technology Environment Consultant, (Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito, San Louis Obispo)

11. Technology and Innovation for Smallholder Consultants, (Carney Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Fresno County)

12. Community and Economic Development Consultant, (Ino, Mono, Northeast Kern)

13. Water and Community Settlement Environment Consultant, (Kern, Kings, Tulare)

14. Community and Economic Development Consultant – (Los Angeles, Orange)

15. Woody Biomas and Bio Energy Consultant (River San Bernardino)

16. Agricultural Technology Environment Consultant, (South Coast Research and Extension Center in Orange County)

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