Yukon wildfire near Klondike Highway leads to evacuation alert for Stewart Crossing

A fast-growing wildfire near the Cloudic Highway and a special group of fires near Lake Ethel have been alerted to Stewart Crossing.

The Yukon Emergency Response Agency on Sunday afternoon issued a warning to anyone in the community within a five-kilometer radius and 12 kilometers southeast of Lake Ethel Road and around Ethel Lake.

The fast-growing wildfire is near Crystal Creek. Smoke appears on the Cloudic Highway.

The Yukon Defense Service said in a statement on Facebook that the Cloudic Highway was open, but urged drivers to keep up to date with the Yukon 511.

A wildfire caused the closure of Robert Campbell Highway. In addition, the Alaskan highway to B.C. After washing, it closes after a certain Friday.

Evacuation Warning means residents in and around Stuart Crossing must be prepared to leave within two hours.

Residents are encouraged to designate a safe meeting place with all family members, gather necessary supplies and move cattle or pets to a safe place, according to a state government news release.

Accommodations outside the danger zone should also be prepared.

Lake Ethel camp was evacuated early Saturday evening after a fire engulfed six acres in the east.

Durland firefighters were on site, working with the RCMP in Yukon to inform and coordinate evacuation of energy, mining and resource personnel and volunteer firefighters.

The state is dealing with a large number of lightning-related fires, which are associated with hot and dry conditions.

Yukon said the protection service on Facebook will receive help from BC.

There were 82 active fires in the state on Sunday afternoon, 21 of which started in the last 24 hours.

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