Some 900,000 hectares of forests burn in wildfires in Russia in 2022

23 June 2022 13:22

A.D. By 2022, 900,000 hectares of forests in Russia will be set on fire

MOSCOW, June 23 (Reuters) – Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment said in a telegram on Thursday that more than 6,000 hectares had been set ablaze and more than 860,000 hectares had been affected by the blaze.

“A total of 6,400 forest fires have occurred in Russia since the beginning of 2022. The fire has reached 865,600 hectares, 467,700 hectares (54%) in the Far East and 306,900 (35%) in Siberia,” it said.

A.D. He said that by 2022, no wildfires would have spread to the affected areas.

“This spring, more than 2,000 fires have spread from farms, fields and forests to forests. Whenever there is a fire, regional authorities must put out the fire. But only the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology keeps track of landscape fires. They are called or recorded as temperature points.

The Federal Fund for Fighting Wildfires has increased from 6 billion rubles to 14.2 billion rubles this year, with the states receiving the money in December, the ministry said.

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