Wildfire Season Coming, Greece Brings in 250 Euro Firefighters

Athens – Greece’s new democratic government has stepped up aid from 250 European firefighters in response to the 2021 summer fires that have hit Greece.

A group of 11 unit leaders is scheduled to meet with the Greek Fire Department on July 1 to discuss how to deal with the recurrence of wildfires in Greece during the summer.

A.D. He was supposed to bring in aid from other countries by 2021, but this time the government said it would seek a pre-arranged force after Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said he would invite them.

According to Katmarini, the plan is to prepare for the fire, although By 2021, it will be difficult to find enough fronts in areas where hundreds of firefighters or water cannons are deployed.

The pilot project covers six countries: Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, France, Norway and Finland, and last year France and Romania helped the country with manpower and resources, the newspaper said.

Forest firefighters from Bulgaria, Romania and France are protected by their own vehicles in Greece as fire service officials, while others are only involved with staff. They work outside of Athens, Larissa and Tripoli.

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