Tweed Valley Osprey Project – Defensive Parents

Ms. O and PW3 had some disturbances this week and were seen looking up at the sky. PW 3 is dripping with eggs, defensively, winged and ringing alarms and alarms. We cannot see what caused the alarm and we can assume that it could be another hacker in their territory. But even when we raised the camera, we did not see why they were upset. Nothing serious happened, and although he occasionally flew to PW3, or Mrs. Oh, he usually stayed in the nest to protect one or another pair of eggs. This behavior comes with the experience of gratitude and it is good to see that they are protective parents who put the safety of their eggs first.

Two oysters in one nest

> Mrs. Oh and PW 3 are shocked and looking up at the sky

Extended stress and shock surgeries were observed in the nest over the weekend. Most of the commotion was from above, as both birds were watching. They repeatedly shook their heads as if something were disturbing them, but they were not harmed again – except for a little anxiety. Cheek hackers are known to land on other nests, so they are easy to download compared to some OSPRs. So at least our couple just have to be ‘flying’ from time to time and there are no unwanted guests.

In the claws of the fish where the osprey landed on the nest

> PW3 brings a headless brown trout.

PW 3 was bringing fish to Mrs. O. We’ve seen PW3 bring in a big, headless, brown trout, which obviously has a role to play. She gave this to Mrs. O and took it to eat and returned the rest later. These are left next to the nest as you sit back on the eggs.

Osprey tearing at a large gray fish

> PW3 with gray.

On May 13, PW3 brought gray fish to the nest. This is the first time we have seen gray hair in action. It is a good size, as evidenced by the horizontal markings on the silver body. Gray-haired with silver, almond-shaped eyes and beautiful, large, violet-colored back wings are known as the ‘Lady of the Stream’. The Tweed River is one of the largest gray rivers in Europe, with some fish weighing more than two pounds[2 kg]- some up to 3 pounds[3 kg]. The Tweed River, the Teviot River, is considered a better gray river for those who know it. It was a good idea to see PW3 holding one at this time.

Osprey sits in the nest

> 330 Enter the Kidder and frighten the residents for a short time. Photo courtesy of Forest England.

A.D. We learned this week that when she was still a baby in 2019, she was returning to her second year of running after the Twin Valley osprey 330 roared in her nest. As a three-year-old girl, she is now seeking territory. She seems to love Kilder but unfortunately for her all the nesting places have been taken and the men there are already paired. She is young and inexperienced and has the experience of roaming the nests with eggs. But from our point of view, it is good to see her and know how beautiful she looks. It is a matter of time to find a spouse and state. If there is no platform, she can build her own airline with a partner. It would have been nice if she had lived in Kielder in the end, as we could get regular updates from her local team.

Osprey accommodation in a occupied hut

> 330 annoys resident Osprey. Photo courtesy of Forest England.

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