B.C. Wildfire Map 2022: Updates on fires, evacuation alerts/orders

Check out our self-updated wildfire tracker and get the latest information about wildfires in British Columbia.

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Here is the latest information about wildfires in British Columbia

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The information on this page is updated regularly and includes all current wildfires, air quality information, wildfires, current fire restrictions and necessary communications and resources.

Bookmark this page and check back regularly for more updates.

Wild Fire Map 2022

The Post Media BC Wildfire Map below is for the current 2022 season. Zoom in and out of the map and hover over a point for more information on a specific wildfire.

Current fires and restrictions

Graphic courtesy from BC Wildfire Service.

For details on fire restrictions and restrictions and definitions of specific types of fire restrictions, Visit the BCWS website here.

Air quality: Vancouver

Wildfire Dictionary

Here are a few words and definitions used by BC Wildfire to describe wildfires.

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consist of The control line around the fire and related fires has been completed and is expected to stop.

Control line dro- A built-in or natural fence around a slow or water-treated fire to control or control a fire.

Stop fire; First, after a fire, an unknown or temporary fire, such as a lightning strike.

First attack; The first step taken by firefighters to reach the scene was to prevent the spread of fire.

Interface fire mourn A fire that can burn buildings and forest fuel or plants at the same time.

Filter filter Extinguish the fire after arrest.

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Fire; Fires not exceeding 10 feet[10 m]by 10 feet[10 m].

For more words, visit the BC Wildfire Service Dictionary here.

Online resources

Updates and alerts

• The current state of wildfires mourn www.bcwildfire.ca
• Emergency news, evacuation orders and alerts, visit www.emergencyinfobc.gov.bc.ca
• Climate quality tips www.env.gov.bc.ca/epd/bcairquality/data/aqhi-table.html
• Weather alerts at www.weather.gc.ca/warnings
• BC Hydro outage updates mourning www.bchydro.com/safety-outages.html
• Fortis BC Interruption Updates
• Travel tips mourn www.tranbc.ca
• Fire Rates Category- www2.gov.bc.ca

Information and what to do

• Information for residents affected by wildfires: www.emergencyinfobc.gov.bc.ca
• Release registration at ess.gov.bc.ca online or by phone at 1-800-585-9559
• Wildfire readiness to mourn www.emergencyinfobc.gov.bc.ca/home/wildfire-preparedness
• What to do if you are under a evacuation order or warning
• BC Wildfire Management Dictionary mourning www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/safety/wildfire-status/about-bcws/glossary
• Red Cross Family Connection Hotline 1-800-863-6582

How to support

• Donate to the Red Cross www.redcross.ca or call 1-800-418-1111.

What to do if you are ordered to leave because of a wildfire

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How to protect yourself and your home from fire

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7 things you need to know about wildfires

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Latest tweets from the BC Wildfire service

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Recent tweets by EmergencyInfoBC

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