California wildfire threatens Yosemite’s giant sequoia trees

AngelsA wildfire that has been raging for three days in California’s Yosemite National Park is threatening the giant Sequoia trees.

According to Yosemite National Park, on Sunday, 1,591 acres (644 hectares) were unoccupied, according to Yosemite National Park, and 360 firefighters were battling the blaze.

Firefighters are “vigilantly watching” the group, which has more than 500 large sequoia, said in a statement.

Sailors are preparing for the park’s “Grisley Giant” – the park’s most famous Sekoya – for the approaching flames.

“It is the second largest tree in Yosemite at 209 feet,” the park said in a statement to social media.

The cause of the Washington fire is under investigation.

U.S. fire officials warn that 2022 could be a year of wildfires.

“Considering the state of the fuel, we are talking about a very serious fire situation, four, five, six months ahead of us,” said Brian Fensey, Orange County California Fire Chief, in June.

Scientists say that global warming, especially caused by uncontrolled fossil fuels, is creating more opportunities for extreme weather events.

Sequoia is one of the largest trees in the world. Their relatives, California Redwood, may be more than 100 meters tall, but they are not that wide.

Both types of wood are fire resistant, with a thick bark that protects it from heat.

Throughout their millennial lifetimes, they typically withstand many fires, the heat of which helps to open their cones, allowing the seeds to disperse.

But longer, warmer, and more intense fires can hurt, sometimes irreparably, and California has seen a series of severe fires recently.

About 10,000 of them – up to 14 percent of the world’s total – were killed by wildfires by 2020.AFP

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