Favorable weather aiding fight against California wildfire Electra | California

The favorable weather conditions are helping to combat the wildfires in California that forced two districts to evacuate.

On Wednesday morning, the size of the electric fire remained unchanged at 6.1 square miles (15.8 square miles), but the volume doubled to 10 percent, the California Forestry and Fire Department (Calfyer) said in a daily report.

“Moisture recovery in the early hours of the morning corrected fire activity,” CalFire said.

The blaze broke out Monday in a recreation area near a river at the foot of Sierra Nevada, where people were celebrating the fourth of July. Nearly 100 people celebrating the festival were forced to take refuge in the Pacific Gas and Electric Computers. Later, they all moved in peace.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, but Amadour County Sheriff Gary Redman said the location on the North Fork Mocklem River Vox Beach could indicate a fireworks display or barbecue.

The fire forced them to evacuate the provinces of Amador and neighboring Calaveras. On Tuesday, authorities spread evacuation orders to more remote communities, and firefighters were working to keep the blaze out of non-public canyon areas.

More than 100 fire engines, 1,200 firefighters and 14 helicopters were sent to the blaze, which posed a threat to energy infrastructure, CalFire said. The ground is said to be steep and rugged.

Compulsory eviction orders and warnings have affected up to 700 residents of Amador province and 300 to 400 residents of Calaverras County, officials said. Rehabilitation centers have been set up for humans and animals.

According to Calfier, the number of threatening buildings is 1,217, but there are no reports of damage or damage. One firefighter was injured.

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