New map classifies wildfire danger across Oregon. See your risk

A new map of wildfires across Oregon, released on Thursday morning, could affect homeowners living in high-risk areas.

The map was released in response to Senate Bill 762, passed by the state legislature, which burned more than 1 million hectares of land during the 2020 Labor Day and destroyed the region’s seemingly unprepared areas.

The Willamte Valley is generally in the lower risk category, although the risk is higher in the lower hills, but the coastal region is in the middle risk category.

The map divides the territory into extreme, high, medium and low risk fire. Much of the state’s territory – 57 percent – is divided into extreme or high-risk areas, with the Cascade region in southwestern Oregon’s Sisyphean region and northeastern Oregon in the Blue, Walowa and Elkhorn mountains. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in most of Central Oregon.

Wildfire hazard map

in addition:

Of the 1.8 million tax cases in Oregon, officials estimate:

  • 4.4% of Oregon’s land area is in the wild-land interface (WUI), which includes 956,496 tax returns.
  • In Oregon, 120,276 tax cases are in the WUI and in the high or high risk category.
  • Of the 120,276 tax deductions in WUI, 80,000 and high-risk assignments now have a structure that is subject to new codes or standards.

Browse the map online here.

“Even though most of us travel low, we have some degree of risk and there is much we can do to prepare as much as possible,” said Allison Green, spokeswoman for the Oregon Fire Department.

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