Electra Fire now California’s 2nd biggest of season

The Electra Fire, currently burning in the Amador and Calavara districts of Sierra Nevada, is now California’s second-largest wildfire.

On Thursday morning, 4,272 acres (6.7 square miles) of fire were reported, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. The hold was 40%.

The fire broke out Monday afternoon in the northern Fork of the Moklemene River. The cause is unknown, CalFire said.

No structure was damaged. One firefighter was injured.

Partial eviction orders have been in place for Amador and Calabras for Thursdays. The map above shows the approximate location of the red mandatory release area and the yellow warning areas. The black line shows the approximate perimeter of the fire.

An official map of Amador County evacuation orders and warnings is available here and in neighboring Calaverras County. Both have addresses.

California’s largest wildfire this year is Lake Lost, which began May 26 on the Colorado River north of Blues. It burned 5,856 hectares of land. No structures were damaged.

It was the second largest airport fire before Electra, which started on February 16 near the Bishop’s Airport and burned 4,136 acres.

At the end of June, workers were fighting three fires in Lava and Tenant in Shasta County and Salt County in Shasta Mountain near Shasta. About 40,000 hectares of land will be burned. The first of the two fires triggered by the July 4 lightning strikes were the Bekwartz Complex (105,670 acres) and Tamarak (68,637).

Last season’s largest fire dexterity (963,309 acres) began on July 13 and was contained on October 25.

The electric fire burned 70,868 acres (111 square miles) and destroyed 877 buildings. It is in the boot of Firefox in 2015. Two residents were killed in the blaze.

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