Wildfire burning outside Bryce Canyon National Park re-mapped at over 4,200 acres, remains 5% contained

The area received 1/4 inch of rain a night, which helped workers improve on the fire.

(Photo courtesy of Tiff Rhinow)

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The left fork fire outside Bryce Canyon National Park burned about 4,200 acres in the Dixie National Forest by Friday – and it contained only 5%, according to Utah Wildfire.

The wildfires had previously measured more than 4,600 acres, but more accurate mapping showed a reduction. No casualties have been reported so far, but the blaze is affecting about 50 buildings, and a nearby community has been evacuated.

Bryce Woodland States is located southwest of Highway 89 from Bryce Canyon National Park and is home to about 20 long-term residents, an official said. Although the family is permanently housed in Evans, the Connor Rinwood family has a cabinet in the area.

When the evacuation order was announced on Tuesday, Ringwoods was not in the cabin. On Wednesday they traveled by truck to pick up personal belongings from their 20-year-old land.

“It’s full of memories, it’s just a matter of getting all our stuff out – it’s not the essence, it’s the land itself,” Ringwood said, adding that they had a fire at another property last year, but “this never happened.”

Rinwood said it was difficult to find accurate information about the fire, especially on social media. But on Wednesday during their trip to the cabinet. The fire seemed “very calm” and it was hoped that a quarter of an inch of rain overnight would help firefighters.

“We saw a lot of heavy smoke and it was raining ashes,” Ringwood said. “It’s really sad. We can’t do anything about it, it affects everyone in our lives because so many of our friends are there…. This may be the last time we see such beauty in all the trees.

Utah Intelligence Fire Department spokeswoman Sera Helstrom said authorities were in talks with the local sheriff to find a timeline for the eviction. If the weather continues to improve, workers will not be able to predict the magnitude of the fire.

“For whatever reason,” says Helstrom, “we do not want to evict anyone.” “The fire rained last night, which helps, and today it’s very cold, the wind is lowering … We will continue to see the same weather over the next few days, so it can really help to help the firefighters.”

Cannabis Creek Road system closed due to firefighting efforts. The closure includes land for National Forest System 108 to Forest Road 185, to Forest Road 185, to the west of Bryce Canyon Park boundary, to Forest Road 242 to the south, and 109 to the west to Forest Road.

The backyard camp, including the Yvimpa Pass, Rigs Spring and Coral Holocaust, has been temporarily closed by Bris Canyon National Park via the Rigs Spring Loop. The Riggs Spring Loop remains open for day walks.

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