5 out-of-control wildfires in northwest B.C. being managed by fire crews – Burns Lake Lakes District News

The Northwest Fire Center has successfully extinguished 24 of the 37 fires in the region this month and is managing five uncontrolled wildfires in remote areas of the Casier Fire Zone.

According to Operating Officer Oring Kadi, ground workers are working diligently and have all the resources needed to deal with uncontrolled wildfires at this stage.

If the situation worsens, he said, the fire service could take over state and federal resources.

The four fires near the Jeninz River and the Cassiar Mountains do not currently threaten communities or infrastructure, and Kadi said firefighters need to move to a fire near a Yukon passenger.

The challenge, he said, is the poor view of recent rains. Poor vision prevents ground personnel from using missions and other activities to rescue aircraft. He said the fire service would be re-evaluated if uncontrolled fires could be extinguished.

As wildfires continue to spread and firefighters do not respond to attempts to extinguish it, BC Wildfire calls it out of control. But Kadi says the uncontrolled wildfires are relatively uncontrollable.

“Everyone is in very good condition. While there was no significant risk of expansion, we left them ‘out of control’ because they did not meet our standards.

Kadi said the fire service is helping the firefighters to reduce the number of new fires by crushing the remaining wildfires.

As we eagerly await, Kadi says the district was colder and wetter than last summer. He said the weather could be warmer in the coming weeks, which is good for airplanes.

The BC Wildfire website is available at gov.bc.ca/gov/content/safety/wildfire-status, including wildfires, wildfire dashboard and public safety updates about wildfires.

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BC Wildfires 2022

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