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Lightning effect of wildfire

Severe thunderstorms have broken out in Oakana, and a few hot days in the valley until Tuesday, BC Wildlife Service warns residents to be vigilant.

“It is a good time for British Colombians to remember that our eyes and ears are on the ground. It is especially good to come on a hot weekend, especially on a long weekend. Enjoy and enjoy those recreational activities.”

“We have to remember to throw away cigarettes properly, be careful with vehicle smoke and fireworks.

The Campus Fire Center is currently in the middle of a low to medium fire.

This year, BC Wildfire responded to 61 wildfires at the Campus Fire Center, which burned 100 acres since April 1.

Whenever there is lightning in the forecast, BC Wildfire says you will be watching very closely.

“In general, most wildfires are caused by lightning. When lightning strikes, it can release enough fuel to ignite a tree or other fuel on the ground. Although it cannot be prevented, we can guess where to start.”

BC Wildfire says there may be detention attacks.

“When lightning strikes, it does not light up immediately. It can last for weeks or even longer, so we can see where it is hitting and where it is burning.

To report wildfires, call 1 800 663-5555 or * 5555.

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