Welcome summer with these flowers in Forest Park – Forest Park Forever

Emerson Grand BasinLandscapes east and west of the Emerson Grand Basin are full and active in June. The garden includes Flax, Indian Rose, Beard Tonge, Bubble, Coral Bells, and Oklef Hydrangea (on top) They all bloom in the garden, a good shade for visitors to explore. Lots of benches on either side of the Grand Basin provide shaded areas for relaxation.

Basin Area at Art Hill Access RoadThe watershed between the water and Art Hill and the post-Dispach Lake underwater will begin to bloom in summer. Search for Blazing Star, Pale Coneflower and Rattle Snake Master and more on Post-Dispatch Lake this way or paddle.

Note: The list above does not include seasonal planting sites planted in mid-May and late May. Those are on their way! Beginning in the second week of June 2022, seasonal displays are expected to take a few more weeks before they can really shock your eyes.

Fans of Forest Park will make this a realityThese beautiful landscaping improvements could not be made without the generosity of members of the nonprofit Forest Park, forever in partnership with St. Louis. Non-part of the Zoo-Museum Tax District, Forest Park Forever is supported by donations from the entire community, including 8,000 members, 1,300 volunteers and a number of leading community and corporate partners.

Do you want to join us? There are many ways to support the Forest Park forever and to preserve the beauty of the forest.

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