3 Nevada wildfires, California’s Elektra fire reminders of threat

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – While Electra Fire is making headlines in California, Nevada will eliminate wildfires by 2022.

Last year, 610 fires burned 134,145 acres in Nevada. Most of the fires were public lands administered by the Land Administration and had little impact on people.

However, the Tamarak fire, which spread from California to Douglas County, damaged $ 8.7 million and burned nearly 69,000 acres[69,000 ha]in Nevada and California. The blaze threatened the resorts of Lake Tahoe and forced many people to evacuate. Smoke from the fire caused schools in North Nevada to be destroyed and communities to be covered in unhealthy smoke for weeks.

Nevada predicts significant wildfires by 2022 from “average” to “above average” if the total hectare burned, according to a statement released by May 5, according to a statement from Steve Sisolak.

So far In 2022, three wildfires burned more than 1,000 hectares, but flight attendants remain vigilant as drought continues and fires continue. Here are some of the biggest fires in Nevada:

  • The Kinsley fire in eastern Nevada burned 3,179 acres in the US 93 in the Antelope region between Turtle and West Wendover.
  • Goshete fires 1,966 acres and is currently located 75% of the Goshete Peak, south of Wendoff, near US 93, on the Utah border. The fire was discovered on June 25.
  • After burning 1,024 acres in two days in Interstate 80 west of Elco, the refugee fire was completely contained.

The impact on southern Nevada last year was limited to California fire smoke, but wildfires are still a concern.

A.D. The fire at Mount Charleston in 2020 burned 2,758 acres and has been a memorial to the carpenter 1 since 2013.

LAS VEGAS, N.V. – July 09, 2013 – Smoke from a carpenter fire in the Spring Mountains area of ​​Las Vegas, Nevada, exploded at a hotel in the back of a hotel-casino on July 9, 2013. (Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

The Carpenter 1 fire consumed 28,000 acres[28,000 ha]on Mount Charleston and burned for eight weeks. A.D. July 1 Celebrates Carpenter 1 Fire 9-Year Celebration. It is triggered by lightning.

For more information on fire limits, visit this page:

The latest update on the Electra fire has caught 40 percent and burned more than 4,000 hectares southeast of Sacramento.

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