Wildfire rages north of Athens, one town evacuated

A massive wildfire broke out north of Athens on Monday, prompting authorities to evacuate the nearby coastal city. Strong winds engulfed the area of ​​Shimatari, about 30 miles[30 km]from the capital.

Authorities urged more than 100 firefighters with four planes and two helicopters to evacuate the city. Emergency workers were trying to extinguish a fire in the area of ​​Achaia near the southern peninsula of the Peloponnese Peninsula.

Last year, 30,000 acres[300,000 ha]of land was destroyed by wildfires in 30 years. Following sharp criticism of its response, the government promised to increase its fire protection capabilities.

Dozens of Romanian and Bulgarian firefighters began work in Greece on Saturday, with the first members of the European Union battling to deal with a major wildfire during the summer. In the winter of 2018, a fire in the coastal city of Matthias and nearby areas killed 102 people.

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