Governor launches Nevada Climate Series 2022 with tour of wildfire site, preparation guide | Carson City Nevada News

Gov. Steve Sisolak on Wednesday officially began with the preparation for residents of the Nevada Climate Series 2022 wildfires.

“Wildfires have been prolonged and intensified due to dry and hot conditions – people who never knew about wildfires can now be touched and should know how to prepare,” said Governor Sisolak. We must work together now to protect our little Nevada people, their future and our beautiful state.

The governor visited the Pinhaven fire station in Reno with Caleline Climate Action Student-editor Tili Allen, who was injured in a wildfire and later formed a climate change club.

The governor met with more students from Kawlin Ranch Elementary School and heard stories about the impact of the wildfire on their lives, how many students could join their club, and how to protect their territory from the effects of wildfires and climate change. .

Students share photos and videos of the impact of the Pineapple Fire by 2020 in their homes and neighborhoods.

Tillie Allen, a sixth-grader from Calvin Ranch Elementary School, started the club with 150 letters to Congress and asked the Nevada State Legislature to take action on climate change. A video of that talk can be found here.

Nevada Climate Series 2022 is working with partners in the state to raise awareness of the impact of climate change and provide resources to help Nevada residents reduce their effects.

ClimateAction.NV.Gov, both in the wildfire preparation guide at the University of Reno University of Nevada, is available at ClimateAction.NV.Gov.

See Climate Guide below.

Wild Fire Preparation Guide by Carson Now on Scribd

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