Brits warned of wildfires and droughts in European countries popular with tourists

The heat wave has caused forest fires and drought in parts of Europe popular with British tourists.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued fire warnings for Spain, Portugal, France and Greece. Meanwhile, parts of Italy are suffering from drought, which could lead to water shortages.

The UK government is not advising people against traveling to the countries. But it’s a reminder to vacationers to exercise caution, caution and prepare for disruption.

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More than 30 wildfires across Spain have forced the evacuation of thousands of people and submerged 220 square kilometers (85 square miles) of forest and wasteland.

Spain’s climate change minister, Teresa Ribera, said her country was “on fire” as she attended climate change talks in Berlin.

After more than 10 days of temperatures above 40C (104F), she warned of “still dire prospects for the coming days”, with moderate cooling at night.

At least 748 heat-related deaths were reported in Spain and neighboring Portugal earlier this month, when temperatures reached 47C (117F).

The FCO says: “There is currently a risk of forest fires due to exceptionally high temperatures in Spain. Take care when visiting or driving. Access to some areas such as natural parks and nature reserves may be restricted or closed. If you need emergency help, follow the instructions of the local authorities and call 112.”

He adds: “Forest fires are common in Spain (including the Spanish islands) during the winter months, when temperatures reach over 40ºC.” Be careful when visiting or driving through forested areas.

“Burning a forest fire is considered a crime in Spain. In forest areas and the fines imposed increase the penalties. Some regions prohibit the use of outdoor barbecues in public picnic areas during the summer months.

“Check the occurrence of fire with the local civil protection authority and report what you see immediately to the emergency services at 112.”


The recent cold weather has helped Portugal fight wildfires. More than 600 firefighters were deployed to four major blazes earlier this week. However, there is a risk that warmer weather will return and lead to more.

Portugal is on high alert, the FCO says, which means there are restrictions on where people can go.

He adds: “Forest fires can happen anywhere in Portugal during the winter months. In recent years, there have been more fires due to drought and high temperatures. Forest fires are very dangerous and unpredictable. The Portuguese authorities can evacuate areas and close roads. Safety reasons”.


Wildfires have displaced more than 31,000 people from the Gironde region of France since July 12. Roads are closed and forest entry is prohibited in the Gironde.

The FCO added: “Forest fires can occur anywhere in southern France during the summer months, but are particularly likely to occur along the Mediterranean coast and in Corsica. Fires have become more common in recent years due to drought and high temperatures. French authorities may close areas to evacuate. Roads for safety: If you live in a high-risk area, you should familiarize yourself with local safety and emergency procedures, be vigilant and follow the advice of local authorities.


There is a danger of forest fires in Italy. The heat wave also caused water shortages.

The FCO says: “Parts of Italy, particularly in the north, are currently facing severe drought and may see water shortages.

He added: “Forestfires are a hazard during the extended summer months. Forestfires are very dangerous and unpredictable; check with local authorities if you are planning to travel to affected areas. Be careful when visiting or driving through forested areas and report the fire to the emergency services.”


A wildfire is raging north of Athens, the Greek capital. Evacuation orders have been issued for Ntrafi, Dioni, Dasamari and Anthousa, and instructions have been given for Penteli, Ntao Pentelis and Kalitexnopolia to remain on high alert, the FCO said.

The FCO advises: “Forest fires are more likely to occur during the summer months due to dry/warm weather throughout Greece.

Forest fires are very dangerous and unpredictable. Be careful when visiting or driving through forested areas. Make sure cigarette ends are properly extinguished and do not light the barbecue.

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