‘Mega-fire’ among multiple wildfires authorities battle to contain in South of France

At least 650 acres[6 ha]of land was destroyed by wildfires in the Guards Department in southern France.

Meteo-France on Friday declared the region “on high alert for deforestation” due to heat, wind and vegetation.

A total of 745 firefighters from what is known as the “mega-fire” in the area, north of Arcadia, gathered from all over France.

“We are working on the edge of the fire, but it will take a long time to extinguish the fire because it is miles away. We can talk about controlling fires when there is no risk of a resurgence. Lieutenant Colonel Eric Agrinier said.

Many trees were burned on the ground. Anise Donval, a resident of Bessagege, left the house at night and said, “You can see the brown Svennes from a distance … it hurts.

“After that, there was more fear than injury. There was very little damage and no injuries. That’s the main thing,” she said.

The fire destroyed hundreds of acres of land in just a few hours, but only a garage and a small building were burned.

Gagniers Mayor Olivier Martin said the village “Dane” firefighters quickly set fire to the meter.

However, in September 1985, compared to 5,000 square miles[5,000 sq km]of land in September 1985, the fire was relatively small compared to the permanent hazards in the Ports region.

Firefighters are laid out thin

Firefighters were called to the scene on Friday when eight other fires broke out in the area. Locals have been told to stay on more than one hectare of forest land until Monday.

One hundred other firefighters, with the help of a water helicopter and four Canadians, intervened in St. Anastasia near Nimes and set fire to at least one hectare.

The tourist attractions of La Bayoum and St. Nicholas Bridge have been taken from Pontus Guard.

Another fire broke out near Bakers, near Arls, but it did not “cause any concern” for firefighters.

The director general of civil security, which faces an “extremely high risk of fire” throughout southeastern France, advised people to be extra vigilant until Sunday, remembering that nineteen fires were human. Unhealthy or immoral (cigarette smoke, barbecue, camp).

Wildfires are becoming more common throughout the area, for example in Bouches-du-Rhone; Firefighters identified 51 fires on Friday. However, less than 150 acres[150 ha]of land was destroyed by the “initial firefighting strategy” in the area.

For security reasons, six of the region’s 25 forests will be closed to the public by Sunday. The cancellation of the July 14 fireworks display followed a separate announcement from the city of Nimes.

According to UN experts, if the summer drought continues in the South, due to global warming, the intensity and frequency of wildfires will increase. The French government says there are 50-80% water shortages in some parts of the French Mediterranean.

By the end of June, 1,800 hectares of land had been destroyed by wildfires at the Kanjuer military camp in the Var department and 1,250 hectares in Pyrenees-Orentales.

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