Yakima is still smoky but most places in Washington breathe fresh air

Most fires in central and eastern Washington have seen little growth over the past few days, as the weather has been milder. A weather system tracking the area today will increase precipitation over northeastern Washington, but it will rise slightly on Sunday. Air quality overall in the state has been good and no surprises to be expected anytime soon.

However, the Schneider Springs fire in Yakima County burned 75,000 acres this summer and is still burning. Crews are working hard to contain this fire, but it is still active and smoke is a constant concern for the windswept communities. The westerly winds generally push the smoke east towards the valleys and away from the Three Cities. A shift in winds on Saturday will change that pattern for a while, with smoke expected to continue in the mountains. Expect wind patterns to return to normal on Sunday. Check your local smoke forecast for daily forecasts.

Schneider Springs fire hotspots (orange) as smoke pours into Yakima (Friday morning)

Other active fires in the state have seen low bonfire activity and little growth, including the Summit Trail Fire in Colville Preserve and the Twenty Five Mile Fire near Lake Chelan. These fires still produce some minimal smoke that can affect nearby communities intermittently.

A fire was recently detected in Washington (8/27/2021)

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