Pearl Jam Cancels Concert After Wildfire Smoke Damages Eddie Vedder’s Voice

Rock and Roll of Famers Pearl Jam had to pull out of a European show on Wednesday after French wildfires injured lead singer Eddie Vedder.

The band wrote on Instagram that they will stop their Vienna, Austria show at Lollapalooza Paris on July 17th.

Authorities battled wildfires in France and Spain amid a severe heat wave, prompting nearly 14,000 people to evacuate the southwestern French city of Bordeaux, NPR reported.

In Spain, firefighters have worked to stop more than 30 wildfires.

The combination of dust, heat and smoke from the wildfires outside Paris took a toll on the band, according to Instagram, which hurt Vedder’s throat.

“He has seen doctors and received treatment, but his vocal cords have not yet recovered,” the group wrote.

“This is terrible news and a terrible time…for everyone involved. … As a band, we’re really sad and we’re still trying to find options to play. And Ed wants to play. Throat is not available at this time.

It is unclear whether the band will cancel several other shows scheduled for this month, including Friday’s show in Prague and two shows in Amsterdam early next week.

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