Your Magical Forest Park Winter Guide – Forest Park Forever

Immerse yourself in nature (even in the cold!)

Forest Park offers many places to explore and immerse yourself in activities such as hiking and skiing. Favorite of many travelers, Kennedy Forest It covers more than 60 hectares of forested area. The 3.5-mile paved and gravel trails are perfect for cyclists and runners in hot weather, but for those who want to experience nature during the colder months.

It is another great place for winter hiking Next forest, The area that has grown over the past 30 years. 20-plus acres of forest provides viewing of the forest in the early stages.

For those who want to meet wildlife, watching birds is a great activity, even in winter. There are many species in the Kennedy Forest. But a bird’s eye view of an eagle is a delightful sight to any observer. Bald eagles are nearby Jefferson Lake And of Emerson Grand Basin And are generally available until the end of January. Speaking of Jefferson Lake, if fishing is your business, stop by (or alone) to catch rainbow trout in the lake. Please note, Jefferson Lake is only releasing and releasing.

Help keep Park Park magical from time to time, become a permanent member of Forest Park today’s now and forever.

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