Temperatures increased wildfires across Texas

College fire officials explained why wildfires are so common at this time.

College Station, Texas – The Texas A and M Forest Service reported that since June 24, the state has responded to 32 wildfires in 913 hectares.

Capt. Stuart Mars said the fire was caused by heavy and dry heat. Mars shares how these wildfires and grass fires are common throughout Texas over the summer.

She says that when small objects like a trailer are tossed into a fire, even small items, such as cigarette butts, can ignite.

“When you see those big burnt areas during the dry season on the highway, people are always indifferent to their cigarettes,” says Marrs.

According to Mars, the ground dries out when it is too hot. This, he said, contributes to how easy it is for these fires to rise and spread quickly. But these fires do not last long.

Explain how Mars firefighters are trained to respond differently than usual.

“We don’t fight it like we do in a house fire, we just try to control it, that’s why when you hear a report of a wildfire,” Mars said.

He said it was not easy to control wildfires during the winter, adding that they would work to cool and water their firefighters.

“We put water pots and pans on the truck to keep it moist, and the preparation won’t take long,” Mars said.

Marrs said they take care of each other when they are in the same place to make sure no one is overworked.

A June 28 fire ban was lifted by Brazos County Commissioners, which prohibits any outdoor fires.

As the fourth weekend of July approaches, Mars encourages residents to follow the curfew. Mars has devised a number of ways to celebrate the festival in a safe way.

“We recommend that you go to a professional show like the Reels Campus to watch the fireworks, or use shiny sticks when you celebrate at home, use party popcorn and noise makers, use non-flammable materials and sparks,” said Mars.

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