Blog: Humidity is back, wildfire smoke affecting air quality

Well then damp, it’s good to see you ol ‘friend; It’s been a while.

Summer humidity will take us to the festive weekend, preparing for what will be a beautiful, unstable climate.

Today there is a lot of sunlight, the temperature is around 90 ° and the humidity is good, it can feel very close to the 90’s in the sun. One or two neutral showers may appear this afternoon, but wait for the sun more than any chance of rain, with a slight fog as the smoke from Hyde County, NC continues to enter the area. Air quality has caused some damage today, but in general we do not expect any major impact except for a small amount of fog.

We’ll do it all tomorrow but things have to be hot in the sun. It can reach a maximum of 90 ° and can easily feel humid from low to mid 90’s. One or two neutral showers can be developed in the afternoon but again the chances of rain are low. As we go into the holiday week, they begin to increase, and the humidity gradually increases.

When the southwest winds into Marsh on Saturday, it pulls some more clouds, increases the humidity, and throws some showers on our way. Don’t wait to take a shower, so keep your plans for the weekend, but be prepared to see a few showers in the afternoon. Clouds will increase on Sunday, giving us a good chance to see the rain this weekend and there may be scattered rain and a few hurricanes.

Independent baths may be available for July 4th, but we do not expect it to be fortunate. The first ideas are pointing to a few showers in the first half of the day, so keep your holiday plans, just have an umbrella with you!

In tropical terms, the tropics in the southern Caribbean continue to move westward through the Caribbean, eventually falling in Central America and then into the Pacific Ocean. Elsewhere, tropical rains are expected this weekend in the southeast of Texas. Fortunately, we have no worries in the tropics on Hampton Road.

Enjoy the summer as much as you can and keep those holiday weekend plans! Stay locked in the forecast for updates.

Meteorologist Steve Fendro

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