BCWS officials anticipate hot, dry summer after slow start to wildfire season – Kamloops News


BC Wildfire Service The number of wildfires in the state this year is below average, with cold and rainy weather continuing, but forecasts continue to forecast dry and hot weather.

Andrea Hess, firefighting officer with the BBC Wildlife Service, told Customs Campus that the agency could not predict the magnitude or severity of wildfires, but long-distance modeling showed the onset of cold, late summer. It turns into a hot and dry August.

“What we are looking at in our long-distance modeling is to see a drier, warmer August than we have ever seen before.

During the normal years, the main fire season lasts from July to the end of August or early September.

“For us, this is probably a return to our original fire season. That being said, we can not predict anything more than a few days in terms of the weather. ”

To date, the district has seen 167 wildfires, down 319 on average in 10 years.

At this time last year, BC – and the Campus region – were battling high temperatures and subsequent droughts, and the BC Wildfire Service responded to 346 wildfires around the state.

“So far we are below the average 10 years of fire and much lower than last year. “In terms of our fire, there are currently seven wildfires in the state, and only one of them is out of control,” he said.

In a press statement issued in early June, Scott McDonald, head of the BBC Wildlife Service, said wildfires were largely based on summer rains and lightning strikes, both of which were unpredictable.

According to MacDonald, a catastrophic event like last June’s dome could only be predicted two weeks in advance.

“It doesn’t take very long, it can take a week to change drastically,” McDonald said.

Heath claims that the staff of the BBC Wildlife Service are preparing for the next season, training and working on various projects.

“If we start re-igniting wildfires, making sure they are ready to leave at any moment. This year we have invested heavily in our programs, and so we are working with new technologies, looking at ways to respond to wildfires, ”said Heath.

Heath predicts that temperatures in Campus will be slightly higher this season than usual this weekend, so Haz said it is important to make sure residents are responsible for controlling fires as they enjoy their time outdoors.

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